University Staff Council elections concluded recently and we’re excited to announce the new officers and members of the Executive Committee, and the new class of 2022. Congratulations!
We also acknowledge with gratitude the service of those councilors whose terms ended this year. Best wishes to all.

Staff Council officers are:
President: Mike Weaver
Vice President/President-Elect: Heather Mineart
Budget Officer: Brenda VanDee
Secretary: Monica Madura

At-Large members of the Executive Committee: Carly Armour, Jadvyga Gerasimovic, Jessica Richardson, and Kevin Zihlman


Incoming Councilors Representing
Jennifer Stout Administration
Carrie Whittaker Administration
Jim Verry Administration
Ewa Bardach Business and Finance
Carrie Mahon Finance and Operations
Jessica Welter Health Care
James Jorris Health Care
Stephen Pacha Health Care
Toni Woodbury Health Care
Beau Finley Health Care
Sara Heineman Health Care
Glenda Smith Health Care
Carlton Petty Human Resources
Em Domingues Information Technology
Amy Halvorson Bouffard Research, Scientific Services
Teri Schnelle Student Life, Student Health
Mindy Redlinger College of Business
Anne E. Wilson College of Education
Jamie O'Meara College of Pharmacy
Julie Oidwai College of Public Health
Outgoing Councilors Representing
Nancy Davin Administration
Kim Lebeck Administration
Liz Lara Administration
Katie Millard Business and Finance
Jeri King Finance and Operations
Christine Cole Health Care
Libby Conley Health Care
Theresa Drake  Health Care
Lorna Golson Health Care
Ashley Vanorny Health Care
Matt Watson Health Care
Katie Villhauer Human Resources
Denny Crall Information Technology
Joe Lang MSE/C
Tom Moninger Research, Scientific Services
Tabitha Wiggins Student Life, Student Health
Julia Woodiwiss College of Pharmacy
Gayle Robertson College of Public Health