It's with great excitement that we announce the new UI Volunteer Time Release Policy, which will be added to the UI Operations Manual in Chapter 24 - Flexible Work Arrangements. The UI Staff Council Human Resource Committee, UI Staff Council, and UI Faculty Senate have all approved the new policy.

UI Volunteer Time Release Policy

The University of Iowa recognizes that community engagement can strengthen the University's presence within our local community and throughout the State of Iowa. Additionally, fostering and encouraging community engagement by University of Iowa faculty and staff not only shines a positive light on the generosity of UI faculty, staff, and their departments, it can also contribute to overall workplace satisfaction. The University of Iowa encourages faculty and staff to participate in university sponsored community engagement activities or volunteer activities in support of the university, by offering work schedule flexibility and paid leave opportunities. As volunteer opportunities arise, employees are encouraged to communicate with their supervisor regarding their interest in participating when the volunteer activity conflicts with their normally scheduled work hours. Supervisors are encouraged to utilize reasonable discretion in balancing operational needs against the goal of facilitating employee participation in these engagement activities. In doing so, the University of Iowa strives to uphold the mission, core values, and culture of the institution. 

Members of the Staff Council HR & Executive committees, who worked on volunteer policy

We would like to extend gratitude and appreciation to the following staff which assisted in the development and representation of this policy.  (Pictured L-R: Michael Hesseltine-Staff Council President Elect, Nancy Davin, Glenda Smith-Committee Co-Chair, Libby Conley-Committee Co-Chair, Gayle Robertson, Kevin Zihlman, Kimberly Keister, Matthew Watson-Staff Council Budget Officer, Heather Mineart, Ashley Vanorny, John Laverty-Staff Council President, Not pictured-Brenda Van Dee-Staff Council Secretary and Michelle Highly) 

The UI Staff Council Human Resource Committee scope of concern is to refine and develop UI policy and procedure central to the human resource needs and concerns of P &S and non-organized merit staff in order that it may advise Central Administration in these matters.

"Many thanks to you and the entire team who worked on this. I wholeheartedly approve."
-- President Harreld.