Staff Council is an elected body that represents approximately 6,500 non-bargaining professional and scientific and merit supervisory exempt/confidential staff members. These dedicated people have a substantial impact on the teaching, research, and service goals and outcomes of The University of Iowa. As a university-wide representative body, Staff Council members promote communication among staff, central administration, Faculty Senate and Student Government.

Staff Council members do not make policies, but do advance staff concerns and ideas to central administration as well as make specific recommendations for policy changes. Staff Council is composed of one representative for every 100 employees or major fraction thereof in the following categories:

2018-2019 Staff Council Roster

Staff Council President: Michael Hesseltine
Staff Council President Elect: Mike Weaver
Staff Council Past President: John Laverty

Listing of Past Presidents

Function Representatives

Academic Support Services and Libraries

Administration; Audit, Compliance, Legal and Risk Management

Behavioral Health; Health Care

Business and Finance

  • Tyler Lantz - Medical Affairs, 467-5016
  • Katie Millard - Tippie College of Business, 335-3732

Human Resources

Information Technology

Marketing, Communication and Outreach

  • Jackie Kleppe - UI Health Care Marketing and Communications, 384-3025

Merit, Supervisory Exempt/Confidential (MSEC)

  • Joe Lang - Department of Public Safety, 335-5022
  • Damien Blair - University Human Resources, 335-2660

Research; Scientific Services

University Organization Representatives


College of Business

College of Dentistry

  • Lisa Piper - Dentistry Administration, 335-7151 
  • Org 13

College of Education

  • Adam Miller - College of Education, UI REACH, 384-0984
  • Org 14

College of Engineering

College of Law

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Medicine, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

  • Sally Fisher - Ambulatory Care Clinics, 384-8654
  • Orgs17 & Org 21

College of Nursing

College of Pharmacy

College of Public Health

Finance and Operations

  • Jeri King - Facilities Management, 335-1247
  • Org 05

Graduate College, Summer/Winter Session, Continuing Education

  • Angela Ward- Distance and Online Education, 335-2035
  • Org 29, Org 30, & Org 39

Hygienic Labs

Information Technology

  • Dennis Crall - ITS-Administrative Information Systems, 335-5929
  • Org 43

President, Provost, General Counsel, Strategic Communications, and University College

  • John Laverty - Admissions, 335-0097
  • Org 01, Org 02, Org 06, Org 09, & Org 35

Research and Oakdale Campus

Student Services/Student Health

University Libraries