Jeri King, assistant director of Facilities Management, has worked at the University of Iowa for 15 years. She has served Staff Council as the Finance and Operations organization representative. This is the last year of her three-year term. She has very much enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the University and to contribute to its success through the work done by Staff Council. Each year, she has been an active participant through two committees: University Relations and Communications during her first year and, for the last two, Communications and the Executive Committee (at-large member). In addition, Jeri has filled the Staff Council ex officio seat on the UI Alcohol Harm Reduction Committee. Jeri is also an active member of APPA, Leadership in Educational Facilities; and in 2017, she was designated an APPA Fellow (the 16th person to have attained that designation).

Jeri King
At-large, Executive Committee
Organization Representative
Finance and Operations