Getting to Know Staff Council

New Councilors Elected for the 2017-2020 Term

And The Winner Is
Thank you to all the staff who stepped up to strengthen the voice of the UI Staff Council by volunteering to serve their time on the Council.

We'd like to welcome the following individuals who have been elected to represent their job function beginning in June:

  • Academic Support: Carly Armour
  • Administration; Audit, Compliance, Legal and Risk Management (PA and PN):  Lorelei Kurimski; Brenda Van Dee (re-elected)
  • Merit Supervisory Exempt/Confidential (MSEC):  Mary Starks
  • Research/Scientific Services (PR and PH):  Mihaela D. Bojin, PhD, CLP; Suzanne Doershuk

Additionally, we'd like to welcome the following individuals who have been elected to represent their organizational units beginning in June:

  • College of Education:  Adam Miller
  • College of Engineering:  Linda Varvel
  • College of Law:  Ted Potter
  • College of Medicine; Institute for Clinical and Translational Science:  Sally Fisher
  • College of Nursing:  Linda Weir
  • Research and Oakdale Campus:  Michael Weaver
  • State Hygienic Laboratory, Amanda Carl


Who Are My Staff Council Reps

Who is your rep?
All P&S Staff at the University are represented by both an Org Rep (a person elected by your organizational unit or collective of org units) and one or more function reps.  To find your Staff Council function category, you may log into Employee Self-Service, click on the Personal tab, and then select "My Staff Council Category" in the General section.  You can then match this with the list of Staff Councilors found on our Councilors page.

But what about orgs?  Some orgs are grouped together under a single rep.  How do you know which is yours?  Our Councilors page has each org represented by the org rep in parentheses after the rep name.

This Month's Councilor

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John Laverty
2017-2018 Staff Council President, Executive Committee

Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Office of Admissions

Joined the U of I:  1991
Joined Staff Council:  

What brought you to the University of Iowa/higher education?
I began as an undergraduate student in 1983 and then as a graduate student in 1989.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?
I really enjoy the excitement the students bring to the campus each year and the terrific colleagues in my office as well as others I have the opportunity to interact with.

Why did you choose to run for Staff Council and what do you like most about being on Staff Council? was asked to run for Staff Council; there evidently weren't many in our group interested. I knew another colleague who had done it and really enjoyed the experience. Staff Council allows you to better understand the institution and give back to it.

What would you like to accomplish while on Staff Council?
I think the biggest thing right now, is bring the campus together to move forward with our new leadership and all the changes TIER is bringing. There are so many positive things happening here and even more opportunities.

What was your field of study or training?  Does it relate to your current position?  If so, how does it compare with what you expected?  If not, what brought you into your current field?
My master's degree is in Higher Education Administration with an emphasis in Student Development. It definitely relates to my current position, although so many things have changed over the years in how things are done. You need to have a "life-long learning" mindset to be successful.

What is your favorite quote and why?
I''ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou
We all make mistakes and sometimes say things we don't really mean, but if we strive overall to do what's right and treat others as we would want to be treated, things usually work out for the best.