The University of Iowa Staff Council is an elected body that represents over 9,000 non-bargaining professional and scientific staff. Founded in 1967, it is the council’s mission to represent and advocate for all staff at the university.  The council works closely with the President’s Office and Human Resources to voice staff concerns and disseminate information in a timely manner. 

The Staff Council is a shared governance body that operates in conjunction with the Faculty Senate and Student Government. Shared Governance is defined as the processes or practices that maximize the opportunities for participation of staff members at all levels. Shared Governance promotes collaboration and diverse perspectives in the hope of achieving optimal outcomes for the University.

University staff play an important role in every part of our institution.  The Staff Council seeks to highlight and extend these efforts by:

  • Representing staff at campus and community activities
  • Representing the University across the state of Iowa including the State House
  • Volunteering staff time 
  • Promoting staff recognition
  • Promoting staff friendly policies
  • Promoting professional development opportunities

Staff Council Mission

The Council supports the University mission. In pursuing that mission, the Council seeks to advance such endeavors through visibly active staff participation/involvement both campus-wide and community-wide in a spirit of unity and open communication with other shared governance organizations on campus.

The goals of the Council are to:

  • Advocate on behalf of represented staff
  • Advise the University Administration on policies
  • Inform the University community of the activities of the Council
  • Promote University relations within the community of Iowa City and the State of Iowa
  • Collaborate with shared governance organizations on campus, notably the Faculty Senate, Student Government and organizational shared governance groups
  • Promote staff learning through professional development and awards
  • Promote communication and shared governance among staff, central administration, Faculty Senate and Student Government

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