Tuesday, March 1, 2022

In January, Director of UI Learning and Development, Sean Hesler spoke to Staff Council about the Supervisor Training program that began in 2020. Staff Council was instrumental in advocating for and vetting the training, so Mr. Hesler was pleased to provide an update on progress being made across campus.  

He discussed the many ways supervisors can complete the training – online via ICON or via Zoom sessions or via a combination of both – and that a comment they hear often from supervisors is “I wish I had seen this information sooner.” It’s important to note that while the training sessions are informative, supervisors are also required to pass assessments for each module. Assessments ensure trainees comprehend the material and promote implementation of lessons learned. He shared some statistics about the trainings and assessments: 2,592 individuals have fully completed the trainings and 73% of the required compliances are completed. For more information, see the slides here

One benefit for supervisors: once a supervisor has completed their assessments, they need not complete them again. Supervisor training is required for all supervisors, so the training is offered on a continuing basis; new supervisors must complete the supervisor training and assessment within 6 months of their hire as a supervisor.  

Any staff member may complete the training, whether they are considering becoming a supervisor or if they have already completed their assessments and want a refresher. University Human Resources is committed to providing supervisors with the tools and experiences they need to work well with their employees.