Each Staff Council representative is expected to actively serve on at least one of the following internal committees:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee sets goals and direction for Council activities and advises and assists council members in carrying out the responsibilities of their office.


The Awards Committee recognizes and rewards staff for exemplary service to the University and/or the community.


The Bylaws Committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding bylaws and associated policies and procedures.

Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees solicits and recommends the best qualified candidates to represent staff on the University of Iowa charter, non-charter committees and other standing committees.


The Communications Committee develops primary means of communication for councilors, represented staff, and others interested in the activities of the Council.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee fosters a relationship with the surrounding community through charitable work and contributions.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Diversity Committee promotes diversity awareness and recommends ways to increase diversity and inclusion of all staff on campus.


The Education Committee promotes awareness on campus of existing professional development opportunities and makes recommendations to the Council to make available further educational opportunities for staff.


The Elections Committee solicits candidates for vacant seats on the UI Staff Council and carries out the elections.

Health Care

The Health Care Committee facilitates discussion regarding issues facing UI Health Care staff and develops recommendations for issue resolution with the best interests of staff in mind.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee advises the Central Administration on University of Iowa policies & procedures central to human resource needs and concerns of staff.


The Merit Supervisory Exempt/Confidential Committee develops, reviews, facilitates discussion and makes recommendations concerning issues of MSE/C staff.

University Relations

The University Relations Committee fosters relationships among local, state, and national officials and the University.