To solicit candidates for vacant seats on the Council, Council office of President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, and Budget Officer, and Executive Committee.  To carry out elections in accordance with the Council bylaws.

Scope of Concern

Refer to Article III, VI, VII, VIII, X, XII, XIV and XV in our Bylaws.

Chair: Makur Jain

Committee Members

Makur Jain

Makur Jain, Staff Council President-Elect

Information Technology Function Representative
James Jorris

James Jorris, Staff Council President

Behavioral Health & Health Care Function Representative
Jackie Kleppe

Jackie Kleppe, Staff Council Past President

Marketing, Communication and Outreach Function Representative
David Stenersen

David Stenersen, Staff Council Budget Officer

Business and Finance Function Representative
Kathleen Tandy

Kathleen Tandy

Graduate College Organization Representative