Thursday, February 25, 2021

Do you or someone you know want to make a difference at the University of Iowa? Are you looking for ways to improve your workplace? Do you have concerns about an issue on campus? Are you a person who likes to promote positive change? Then it is time to consider nominating yourself or one of your colleagues for UI Staff Council and help us represent the over 7,900 non-bargaining staff at the University of Iowa!

Nominations are now being accepted for open positions on UI Staff Council. Some of the basic expectations for Staff Councilors:

  • Advocate on behalf of your constituents
  • Solicit information and opinions from your constituents and share those with Council
  • Inform your constituents of the activities of Council
  • Attend monthly meetings and participate in discussions
  • Actively participate in at least one Council committee

See the Staff Council website and Staff Council bylaws for more information.

Please note that staff successfully elected to serve on Staff Council will serve a 3-year term.

Function Representative positions are available for the following non-bargaining job function* group vacancies starting in June:

  • Academic Support Services & Libraries (PC and PL) [2 open]
  • Administration; Audit, Compliance, Legal and Risk Management (PA and PN) [2 open]
  • Arts, Cultural and Entertainment; Athletics; Student Services; Hospitality (PE, PS, PQ and PY) [1 open]
  • Behavioral Health; Health Care (PJ and PV) [2 open]
  • Business and Finance (PB) [1 open]
  • Information Technology (PI) [4 open]
  • Research/Scientific Services (PR and PH) [3 open]

* If unsure of the job function category for a P&S staff nominee, please check the 1st two letters of the job code in the university directory.

Nominations for Function Representatives will remain through April 1 at 5:00 p.m. and can be submitted using this simple online nomination form.

In addition to the Function Representative positions listed above, elections are being held for the following Organizational Representative positions:

  • Research and Oakdale Campus (Orgs 04 and 40) [1 open]
  • College of Dentistry (Org 13) [1 open]
  • Graduate College (Orgs 29) [1 open]
  • University Libraries (Org 33) [1 open]

Each organization manages the election of its Organizational Representative. Please reach out to the Human Resources director in the organizations if you are interested in one of these positions.

For more information, you may contact Elections Committee Chair Kevin Zihlman ( or email the Staff Council mailbox at