Thursday, May 6, 2021

Late May to early June is the annual time of transition for Staff Council as a portion of the council membership complete their terms, new councilors are welcomed on board, new officers and Executive Committee members are elected and Staff Council prepares for a new council year. 

We would like to thank the councilors whose Staff Council terms are ending effective June 1.  Their contribution and service in representing staff has been significant, and they will be sorely missed!

 Many thanks to... Served as…
Kathy Ford  
Michael Hesseltine Staff Council President, committee co-chair
Greg Hopson  Committee co-chair
Genevieve Johnson Executive Committee member
Tyler Lantz  
Monica Monica Madura Secretary
Steve Paulsen Committee co-chair
H Pedelty Committee co-chair
Kathryn Reynolds  
Jessica Richardson Executive Committee member
Brenda Van Dee Secretary, Budget Officer, Exec member, Committee Co-chair
Cassie Walizer  Committee co-chair
Angela Ward Committee co-chair
Mike Weaver Staff Council President, Committee co-chair