Wednesday, June 21, 2023
James Jorris

Blessed, thankful, humbled, thrilled, excited, and honored are just a few words that describe how I feel as the incoming University of Iowa Staff Council (UISC) President. Growing up in our nation’s capital laid the foundation for my interest in public service. At an early age I witnessed the importance of supporting your neighbors and striving to make one’s community a better place. Staff Council has given me the opportunity to bring forward ideas, advocate for my fellow staff and be a part of the solution. Here we are actively improving our workplace, campus, and community. Public service is a vital element to UISC’s mission and one I will uphold during my tenure.  

For over 25 years, I have been blessed to be a part of the University of Iowa. First as a student, then a student worker, and now a proud staff member. That pride and gratitude has created a desire to give back to our campus, community, and most of all my fellow staff and colleagues. This institution, and the great people who work and study here, have shaped my life every step of the way. With those lessons at the forefront, I have developed this year’s vision for UI Staff Council, which centers around our tenets of the 3 C’s… COLLABORATE, CELEBRATE, and COMMUNICATE. Collaborate with leaders and teams in our university and community to work towards supporting and engaging our fellow staff. Celebrate and highlight the great accomplishments by our fellow colleagues that take place all over campus each and every day. Finally, Communicate to keep our constituents informed on policies, initiatives, and the Staff Council members who make it all possible. Our path this year will build on the successes and leadership of our distinguished past UISC Presidents, who set a strong foundation of success. As a representative of you, our constituents, I promise to take this opportunity seriously and never forget why I am here and or where I came from. I humbly accept this honor and will strive towards making our workplace, campus, and community the best it can be!  

With these tenets in mind, we want you to also be a part of that future, by sharing your ideas and feedback.  Please feel free to email me at or at our Staff Council inbox We are always thrilled to hear from you, our constituents. This year Staff Council will continue in its motto of Advocacy in Action as we actively work to make what we do today have an impact on all of our tomorrows.