Isaac Podolefsky, Executive Committee Member at-large 2022-2023

Administrative, Audit, Compliance, Legal & Risk Management Function Representative

Isaac Podolefsky (he/him/his) is a Senior Project Manager in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS). Isaac is often referred to as a "smoke jumper" and as an innovator by building or bringing new products and services that benefit the entire university. After working in Information Technology at the University of Northern Iowa for 10 years, Isaac joined CLAS in 2013 leading small- and large-scale initiatives in product development, change management (what he refers to as "progress management"), and program delivery.

As a graduate of the University of Iowa Executive Leadership Academy, he continues his involvement as a member of the UI-ELA Alumni committee as well as serves on the Improving Our Workplace Award (IOWA) Recognition Committee and the UI Tech Forum Planning Committee. Leadership, strategic planning, and visioning are among Isaac's greatest strengths. Isaac is ITIL v4 certified and pursuing additional certifications.

Isaac comes from a family of educators and is driven by our mission as an institution of higher education. You can often hear him say "if you want to get inspired about working at a university, go volunteer at graduation. Look at the proud faces of the students, look at their friends and families in the audience. What we do changes lives." Outside of the campus, Isaac can be found working on classic cars, home remodels, cooking and gardening, and adventuring with his favorite person (Rebekah Podolefsky).