Michael Hesseltine

Behavioral Health & Health Care Function Representative

I have worked at the University of Iowa since July of 1994. All of this time has been with UI Health Care. I have worked across many different roles on the inpatient and outpatient sides of the operation. I currently work in the UI Patient Access Center where I direct our Training and Instructional Design team, our IT Analysts on the Template Build team, and our Quality Improvement Engineers on our Quality and Reporting team. In addition to these teams I manage my own individual project portfolio supporting various Epic applications. I am co-chair of the Front Line Operations and Leadership group supporting the front line staff and managers in the outpatient clinics for University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics for both on-site and off campus. As part of that responsibility I proactively manage the committee's workgroup project portfolio. Finally, I support general operations decision making in our office along side our director of operations.