Sonia Slevinski

Research; Scientific Services Function Representative

Sonia Slevinski is a Research Manager in the Department of Psychiatry for a large human subjects research lab. She started at the University in 2008 as a Research Assistant and has since filled various roles in research, often drawing on ten years previous experience in community and inpatient mental health services. Sonia currently manages a team of research staff, organizes undergraduate and graduate learning and employment opportunities, collaborates on projects with faculty from several departments, and coordinates relationships with outside institutions and organizations. Sonia was elected to Staff Council in 2018 and is a member of the Bylaws and Healthcare Committees. She was previously involved in the Research Support Team for the Department of Psychiatry and is currently active with several groups advocating for Huntington's Disease research. At home, Sonia stays busy with all the school functions that come with having a teenage daughter. She and her family live with a rambunctious menagerie of dogs, cats and chickens.