Campus Searches, Recent Past and Present

UI Vice President for Medical Affairs (VPMA) and Dean of the Carver College of Medicine Search Committee

Jackie Kleppe (2022)

Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel Search Committee

Brett Cloyd (2022)

UI Ombudsperson Search Committee

Kevin Zihlman (2021-22)

College of Dentistry Dean Search Committee

Lisa Piper, Matsalyn Brown (Campus Interviews)

UI Presidential Search Committee

Heather Mineart (2020-2021)

Associate Vice President DEI Search Committee

Em Domingues (2020)

UIHC Chief Nurse Executive Search Committee

Michael Hesseltine (2020)

Associate Vice President Student Life Search

Heather Mineart (2019)

Provost Search Committee

John Laverty (2018)

Vice President for Research Search Committee

Erin Brothers (2018)
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Focused

Accessibility Action Plan

Damien Blair, Heather Mineart, Lisa Schumacher, Mike Weaver

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Campus Inclusion Team


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Council on the Status of Women

Angela Ward

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DEI Success Collaborative (DEISC)

Matsalyn Brown, Lisa Schumacher (2021)

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Path Forward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Mike Weaver

Reimagining Campus Safety Action Committee

Teri Schnelle

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Sustainability Focused
   Climate Resolution Committee

2020 Sustainability Plan Progress Report

Teri Schnelle (November 2019)

Systems Thinking Coursework

Angela Ward (November 2019)

UI Investment & Purchasing Practices/Requirements

Mihaela Bojin (November 2019)
University Administration Focused

Alcohol Harm Reduction Advisory Committee

Heather Mineart (2020)

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Budget Review Board

Heather Mineart

Building Name Taskforce

Carlton Petty

External Relations Council

Heather Mineart, Mike Weaver, Kevin Zihlman (2020)

Finance and Operations Sr. Staff and Leadership Group meeting

Erin Turnis (2020)

Legislative Group

Heather Mineart (2020)

Mary Jo Small Selection Committee

Mihaela Bojin, Molly Rechkemmer, Jenni Yoder, Kevin Zihlman

Path Forward Steering Committee

Heather Mineart (2020)

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Path Forward Strategic Plan Development Group

Heather Mineart, Mike Weaver (2020)

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Shared Governance Council

Heather Mineart, Kevin Zihlman (2020)

The Future of Work@Iowa

Kevin Zihlman

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The Future of Work @Iowa - Advisory Committee

Kathy Ford, Genevieve Johnson, Teri Schnelle, Lisa Schumacher, Mike Weaver
   Central Service Advisory Committee

Central Administration

Kevin Zihlman

Facilities Management

Jackie Kleppe

Information Technology

Rubia Ruiz

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Provost Office

Becky Keogh

Research Office

Heather Mineart

Student Life

James Jorris

Campus Events Committee

Jenny Stout

Civil Protest and Public Demonstration Safety Team

Gregory Hopson, H Pedelty

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Conflict of Interest In Employment

Wendy Askling, Steve Paulsen, Erin Turnis

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Hancher Finkbine Medallion Selection Committee

Shari Heick

Hancher Review Committee

Robin Paetzold (November 2019)

Hawk the Vote

Kevin Zihlman (February 2020)

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IOWA Selection Committee

James Jorris, Mary Shumaker (2020)

Mental Health and Well Being Collaborative

Jessica Welter

P&S Policy Review Committee

Teri Schnelle

UI Health Care Strategic Planning Steering Committee

James Jorris

UI Travel Advisory Committee



Makur Jain

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