To solicit candidates for vacant seats on the Council, Council office of President, Vice President/President Elect and secretary, and Executive Committee; and to carry out elections in accordance with Council bylaws. Results of the election shall be given to the Secretary.

Scope of Concern

Refer to Article VI, VII, and VIII in our Bylaws.


Staff Council members not seeking re-election may serve on the Elections Committee.

2018-2019 Staff Council Elections Committee Members
Mike Weaver - chair
Christine Cole
Mary Shumaker
Kevin Zihlman
John Laverty

2017-2018 Staff Council Elections Committee Members
Erin Brothers - Chair
Angela Charsha-Harney
Tim Wolf
Kevin Zihlman
John Laverty, Ex-Officio
Michael Hesseltine, Ex-Officio

If you have questions regarding Staff Council elections or activities of the Council, please contact the Staff Council Office at, 335-3600, or any of the Staff Councilors listed on our roster.