Friday, November 13, 2020

You may know that each one of the 55 Staff Councilors advocate for staff members across the Organizational Unit or Function Category that they represent as part of their participation on Staff Council.  But in addition to acting as the voice for their own constituent group, numerous councilors also participate on committees across the University. In fact, as of today, 24 Staff Councilors participate in 36 committees across the campus!  These committees are far ranging, from search committees to committees focused on DEI initiatives, sustainability, finance and much more.  For a full listing of University Committees with Staff Council Representation, click here. Feel free to reach out to any of the Staff Council committee representatives for more information or to share your voice.  They are working for you!

Note: an Organizational Unit is defined by the University, for example the College of Law or Student Services/Student Health.  A  Function Category is a group of similar roles such as positions in Academic support or Research/Scientific Services that exist across Organizations.