To solicit and recommend the best qualified candidates to represent staff on the University of Iowa charter, non-charter committees and other standing committees. To find and recommend replacements for the various committees as unscheduled openings occur. Candidates’ eligibility for each University committee is governed by the UI Operations Manual Part 1, Section 2.8(6) with charter and non-charter committee policies.

Scope of Concern

  1. Act as liaison with staff members serving on University charter committees and non-chartered committees.
  2. Report charter and non-charter committee issues of interest to the Council
  3. Provide Council view to charter and non-charter committee members as needed.

Co-chairs: Yelena Perkhounkova and Maria Bruno
Advisor: Sonia Slevinski

The annual application period for Staff positions on University Presidential Charter Committees is open. Visit this link for the application process: staff-council.uiowa.edu/news/2023/02/university-presidential-charter-committee-application-process-2023-2026