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To facilitate the communication of up-to-date information relevant to councilors, represented staff, and others interested in the activities of the Staff Council.

Scope of Concern

  1. Work closely with the Executive Committee and other council committees to communicate with all council audiences.
  2. Maintain a digital presence for Staff Council. 
  3.  Maintain resources related to councilor communications.
  4. Explore and support communication tools.


Newsletter – Zach & Jackie

  • Review timeline and plot out issues, but remain flexible as to content
  • Assign liaisons to committees - DONE

Social Media - Jackie, Damien, Ted and Marla

  • Review platforms and discuss potential uses
  • Damien will coordinate the technology end

Committee news

  • Committee liaisons to find appropriate contact(s) for news
  • Solicit targeted news from selected committees during the year – monitor timeline


  • Find ways to incorporate DEI into communications

Outreach to Merit Staff

  • Work with Mike Weaver on how to communicate staff activities to Merit Staff

Chair - Sam Mitchell