Our purpose is to create an informational and interactive venue for both Staff Councilors and the UI Community to get up-to-date information on what’s happening around campus. The Committee’s efforts will also ensure that the UI Staff Council’s mission and goals are served in short- and long-term by actively finding the best means to communicate to UI Staff and the community.

2018-2019 Goals

  • Create, update, & preserve content
    • Publish council activity
    • Capture photographs of council activity
    • Prototype newsletter
    • Develop Councilor directory
  • Support & explore tools
    • Use communications plan, coordinate with other committees
    • Develop documentation & best practices
    • Explore new channels (newsletter, Twitter, etc.)
  • Engage other Staff Council Committees
    • Establish liaisons to the other committees
    • Solicit content from the committees
    • Update committee pages

2018-2019 Accomplishments

  • Implemented a photo directory of Staff Council members
  • Appointed liaisons from the Communications Committee to all other Staff Council committees
  • Evaluated and templated a newsletter for constituents
  • Updated the committee's bylaws
  • Built a Workflow form to track volunteer hours of councilors