Every non-bargaining staff of the University of Iowa is represented by at least two members of Staff Council - one representative based on the organization they are employed within and one or more representatives based on their job function. We encourage you to contact your representatives if you have any questions, feedback or concerns.

To find your job function, login to Employee Self Service and navigate to My Self Service > University Information > Staff Council Category.

Function Representatives

To contact all of the Academic Support representatives, email uisc-acadsupport@uiowa.edu.

To contact all of the Administration; Audit, Compliance, Legal and Risk Management function representatives, email uisc-admin@uiowa.edu.

To contact all of the Arts, Cultural and Entertainment; Athletics; Student Services; Hospitality representatives, email uisc-aasser@uiowa.edu.


To contact all of the Behavioral Health; Health Care representatives, email uisc-healthcare@uiowa.edu.

To contact all of the Business & Finance representatives, email uisc-busfin@uiowa.edu.

To contact all of the Engineering & Architecture/Facilities Operations representatives, email uisc-engarch@uiowa.edu.

To contact all of the Human Resources representatives, email uisc-hr@uiowa.edu.

To email all of the Information Technology representatives, email uisc-it@uiowa.edu.

To contact all of the Marketing, Communication, and Outreach representatives, email uisc-outreach@uiowa.edu.

To contact all of the Merit Supervisory Exempt/Confidential representatives, email uisc-msec@uiowa.edu.

Organization Representatives