Staff Council is an elected body that represents approximately 7,700 non-bargaining professional and scientific staff members (P&S) and merit supervisory exempt/confidential staff members (MSE/C). Staff Council is composed of 55 councilors with each councilor representing either a job function (function representatives) or one or more organizations in the University departmental hierarchy (organization representatives). Each councilor represents roughly 100 constituents. The council is lead by the Executive committee consisting of five officers and four at-large members. Additionally, Marla Rosenblum from University HR serves the council as our administrative coordinator. 

Executive Committee

Heather Mineart
Vice-President/President Elect
Brenda VanDee
Budget Officer
Jadvyga Gerasimovic
At-large Executive Committee
Jessica Richardson
At-large Executive Committee
Kevin Zihlman
At-large Executive Committee

Council Roster

Administrative Coordinator